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Our team

Clean energy, IT, OT and business professionals

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a ‘grad’ of U.S. Department of Energy, Navigant, IBM Energy/Utilities & Schneider Electric founding & with a MBA from Loyola Chicago and BA from the University of Notre Dame whose extensive clean energy experience helps him lead holistic professional teams to identify and satisfy customers needs. Mark serves all of North America.

Frank Curran

Frank Curran lives in Boston, MA and is an accomplished business development and partnering executive with a proven track record for designing, developing and executing strategic partnerships and global programs to accelerate company growth with significant experience in start-up and new product launch environments skillful at identifying, negotiating, closing, managing, and growing strategic accounts through the development of long-lasting relationships both at the c-level and across functional units. Frank serves NYISO & ISO-NE.

Vignesh Ramasamy

Vignesh Ramasamy has a Master's in Industrial/Engineering Management from Northwestern University, Evanston Campus and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He is not only an Application Value Analyst but also a sustainable energy admirer and  has 4+ years of experience in renewable energy analytics, stochastic financial modeling and product management across different wholesale electricity markets like CAISO and NEISO with award winning companies like ViZn Energy Systems and Schneider Electric.

Abhishek Raj

Abhi is a full-stack software engineer with 6+ years of experience. He has worked for 4 years with Hewlett-Packard R&D, Bangalore working on a cloud-based solution to manage printers, and one year in a consulting startup in Chicago, building web-apps for Midwest clients. He is currently working with a fulfillment startup, called ShipBob, as a senior developer. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science, and a masters degree in Information Technology at Northwestern University.

Jayashree Aiyar


Jayashree has over 5 years of experience in software and web application testing. She started her career at Cognizant Technology and Solutions (CTS) where she worked on testing health care applications for American Clients such as Aetna. She is well versed in software development and testing life cycle using manual and automation based testing methodologies. She has a Master’s in Software Engineering from East Carolina University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore, India. 


Christian Clem


Christian Clem is currently an independent consultant focused within the distributed energy market and its various branches. His career spans investment banking and private equity to family offices and startups. He is passionate about moving the renewable energy markets forward in a scaled way through innovative business models, disruptive technology, data science, and creative capital structures. Christian resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and is active in the local venture capital and startup communities. He holds a BS and an MBA degree in Finance from the University of Tampa.  

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Edward Oser


Ed Oser lives in San Francisco and is a team-builder, listener and leader who creates new businesses. For the past 8 years Ed has been consulting in growth, partnerships, entrepreneurship and teaming plus received his MBA from INSEAD, the world’s top business school, and served two years in the US Peace Corps in Ukraine. To further prepare Ed, Ed also served as a wildland firefighter in the United States Forest Service, ran the project, and traveled alone across India for 4 months on $3000 :)

Dr. Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University with a BS from the University of Notre Dame. His thesis work was at the interface of chemistry and materials science at the nanoscale, investigating new materials for solar cells and batteries, and he will use this skill set to evaluate emerging clean energy technologies. Concurrently, Mike has been working to develop strategies and business models to help accelerate the deployment of clean energy assets. Mike serves PJM, Ontario, and MISO.

Jenn Schroeder

Jenn Schroeder is a Los Angeles native who is the onsite local lead for project management and customer care. Jenn’s communications skills help identify customer needs and gaps to successfully complete projects on-time and on-budget. Jenn has a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara. Jenn serves CAISO & Alberta.

Muhammad Asad Khan

Asad lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and daughter. Before starting his Master's degree in Engineering Management program at Northwestern University, Asad worked for six years in Pakistan’s energy sector with a former AES corporation, USA power project (Now called LalPir Power Ltd). There, his focus has been on implementing multiple utility-scale energy efficiency projects. In the US, Asad has been engaged in conducting comparative performance analysis of electricity sector in competitive and monopoly states. Asad holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Electronics & Communication.

Lifei Xu

Lifei is a technical expert and certified PMP specializing in developing the electro-mechanical systems in Hydro or wind power plants. Between 2006 and 2017, he worked as a chief technical director with POWERCHINA, managing to build 28 global hydropower projects, which helped increase the capacity of Laos’ state power grid by 25% and added more than 5000 MW capacity of renewable energy to the power sources in five other countries. Lifei is good at managing multi-disciplinary, multi-consultant project teams in a highly result-driven environment. He is a 2018 degree candidate for a Master of Engineering Management from Northwestern University and won his first master’s degree in Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in China in 2006. 

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Alex (Azhar) Qureshi 

As an energy industry veteran setting up supply shop for F-500 energy companies like Sempra Energy and Noble Energy, Azhar brings in expertise from supply and demand side of the equation. Azhar’s mantra is deriving inefficiencies in the power markets thus creating sustainable business solutions for commercial and industrial power consumers. As an Energy Costing & Cost Analytics professional, Azhar has modelled and risk managed all cost elements of a $750 million wholesale energy portfolio. Azhar has also been the business lead for developing an energy settlement software for three North American physical markets. As a Lead Energy Structurer, Azhar has closed more than 150 retail transactions amounting to $80 million in revenues. Azhar has also been an advisor to a California Energy Supplier to export power into Mexico with the federal government of Mexico as the end user.  

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David Mintzer 

David Mintzer lives in San Francisco and is a clean energy professional with hands-on success developing and driving new product launches, services, and partnerships that are focused on the critical role of "living green” and contributing directly to changing the way energy is produced and managed. David’s key expertise and interests are in solar, energy storage, EV charging, smart grid, blockchain and clean-tech solutions. David is excellent at leadership with his creative, entrepreneurial and executive experience bringing a blend of management & technical successes to clean energy.

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Mike Malicky

Mike is a successful entrepreneur, business builder and trusted consultant who has served the Peace Corps for four Philippine tours, worked inside the largest utility in Ohio for 10 years, led senior engagements with Navigant Consulting on large scale reliable systems based on teaming. Mike purchased and sold a gas and oil pipeline company and several other companies building them from bankruptcy to successful enterprises mainly solving problems balancing technology and people. Mike has an undergrad in Psychology & Economics, an MBA in systems integration and a partial PhD in systems and organizational development from The Gestalt Institute, an affiliate of Case Western University.


Rodrigo Mendoza


Rodrigo Mendoza is born in Mexico City, currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainable Rural Development at the College of Veracruz, his line of research is the use of Blockchain technology in rural communities. Rodrigo has 6 years of experience in the Mexican government and has been responsible for carrying out actions for the development
of the indigenous communities of Mexico. Rodrigo is the founder of the Blockchain Mexico Institute, a pioneer in training of young people in the applications of the Blockchain for sustainable development.


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