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Dr. Mike Ashley of Clean Energy Blockchain Network to Speak at Upcoming Industry Events

Dr. Mike Ashley of Clean Energy Blockchain Network speaks at 4 upcoming energy blockchain events sharing the company's blockchain work, projects and future developments.


Dr. Mike Ashley, Vice President of Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN) will announce major milestones and goals achieved by CEBN, what CEBN is working on, and what projects are scheduled for the future with upcoming goals and milestones.

CEBN deploys automated clean energy verification with its audited Certified Clean Energy™ digital certification-contract™, live settlement, flexible APIs, and tracking from generation to retirement on a blockchain-based platform. It leverages custom marketplace user interfaces, clean energy project inventories, delivering trust, choices, and options.

Optimizing clean energy for load smoothing, carbon reductions, and reduced electricity costs with a clean energy management and credit trading platform, CEBN utilizes world-leading blockchain technology to create a transparent, auditable, and automated record of energy generation, storage and consumption that is certified clean by energy engineers.

"Blockchain promises to make transactions feasible that are currently prohibitively expensive to verify and audit. One example is to incentivize EV charging during the day, when clean solar electricity is abundant on the grid," Dr. Ashley said.

Dr. Ashley will discuss CEBN's local, hands-on technical assistance for CEBN deployments and implementations for all solar + storage + EV charging station projects.

"CEBN inspects clean energy assets with certified energy engineers to provide assurance of clean energy assets in blockchain format for simple, fast and easy tracking of clean electrons," Dr. Ashley said.

Dr. Ashley has also authored an article for IEEE on Blockchain-of-Custody™ providing near-real time settlement and generation-to-retirement credit tracking on a cryptographically secure database to cut the time and costs associated with existing REC and carbon credit systems.

Please see details at If you'd like a free copy of Dr. Ashley's IEEE article, please email

Clean Energy Blockchain Network cuts costs and time for energy and credit trading.

Media Contact: Mike Ashley 630-696-8796

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